Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday Inspiration: Window Boxes

Southern Living
I love window boxes! The problem is that I'm not good at keeping plants alive in them.
So, I'm always on the hunt for an artistic combination of plants that are easy to grow.
The window box above is just that--a combination that borders on art!

Sometimes it's easier to just keep them simple though.

Country Living

Southern Living
However, an abundant and colorful window box is my goal!

House Beautiful
Window boxes can make the simplest buildings, even a garage come alive.
I love their old fashioned charm!

In Italy last Fall, I noticed lots of flowers in windows. For Florentines, this is their one expression of creativity and ability to garden.

This Florentine balcony is so charming with its all white flowers in boxes.
Love the trailing ivy.

In this small Tuscan town, flowers were in every window and balcony.
Of course, everything looks better with a stone background!

At our home in the wine country, geraniums are planted in copper window boxes.

This time of year, they look good still! In a few months, they will look leggy and ratty...
At home, I have ivy geraniums too and I can't ever get them to look full and abundant.

When I was in NYC, I saw a window box that inspired me!
It was planted with dwarf boxwood topiaries. So, off we went last weekend to find small boxwoods. Lowes for $5 each!

Yesterday was "spring cleaning" and planting day. Out came the ratty geraniums, in went the new boxwood! In between the boxwoods, I planted white Bacopa.
A completely different look than the colorful abundance I'm always going for, but never achieve.

The best part of this tailored look is that I think I can keep the boxwoods alive. The Bacopa in between will eventually spill over and give the window boxes a more romantic feel.

I'm very happy with the results!

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Agni said...

Just besutiful !!! I love them !!! Ag

design elements said...


Lady Jane said...

I love window boxes and some years are better than others. Thanks for all the inspirational pics. I never would have thought of boxwook in window boxes but it looks very attractive and I bet it stays nice all summer long.

Ispirato Design said...

The window boxes look great! I don't have window boxes but have always wanted to make some. My salt box colonial could certainly use a little architectural interest. Boxwood are very forgiving-I think you'll have good luck with them.


Beautiful! Love the way your boxes came out, just perfect! Thanks for the great ideas for boxes. Here people that have window boxes do a lot of red and pink carnations, as the Spanish flower boxes in Sevilla.

Rebecca said...

What a wonderful collection of window boxes (your "eye" for beauty is SO excellent)!

I like yours with the boxwood! Great idea. (I have the same challenge - keeping things alive...)

Fabulously French said...

Gorgeous and very inspiring :-)

Leeann x

Unknown said...

I have three window boxes that are in sad, sad shape. You've inspired me to do something with them soon. In fact, I have several dwarf boxwoods sitting out back in pots that need a home - how providential!

Anonymous said...

IT's all so lovely... Oh to have a green thumb and the inclination and dedication to do window boxes. I have one outside my kitchen window and have never planted a thing in it in our 3 years here... SHAME on me!



So pretty!! I love the touch of the little white flowers in it. I just found your blog and just wanted to tell you your home is beautiful! When I see this style and when its done well it makes me want to change everything (; Would you mind telling me the color of your walls in your kitchen and dining rm and I love the wallpaper in your dining rm would you mind sharing where you bought it? Thanks so much!!


Casa Très Chic said...

Oh, all gorgeous!
My favorite is the picture number 7.

On Crooked Creek said...

Although I adore the window boxes from Italy, your newest look with the boxwoods and the Bacopa is stunning! Lovely post!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

I really like the look - Very pretty!
Enjoy your evening.

Unknown said...

I too, have issues with my window boxes..they never seem to look like the one's in the magazines..The look you have going on is really very romantic and I love it as it is..but I cant wait to see them when the other plants start to trail downwards..I love boxwood and wish it were not so expensive...I hope to do better this season too! You have given me inspiration that it can be done..Hugs...

Carol@6WilsonBlog.com said...

These are so incredibly beautiful. I love what you did with the dwarf shrubs. That totally inspires me! We can't plant here in New England until mid-May, really, so I'm very envious looking at your plantings!

Lizabeth said...

What a great idea you came up with! I spent a lot of time last year contemplating putting up window boxes and then talked myself out of them. I really do love them, and I love all your pictures you posted.

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

I, too love widow boxes! We ahve 3 decks so when we first built this house and had NO YARD yet, my hubby built me 9 window boxes for the decks. Last year he made all new ones and we stained them black! They look great against the wooden railings. I usuaaly use impatiens in them as we live in the woods and don't get much sun. Plus impatiens keep looking better and better all summer!!!! LOVE THAT! Thanks for sharing this wonderful eye candy! XO, Pinky

Wyatt said...

Geraniums in window boxes are my favorite. Last time we traveled, we must have taken 100 pictures of window boxes! Forever to be remembered as the 'Geranium Vacation'

Wyatt's Mom

Karen said...

I love what you selected. The boxwoods and bacopa are a classic combo and probably look fresh and lovey the rest of the season into fall.

Barbara@HausDesign said...

A beautiful post! I love your pictures from Italy - I have many from our travels too - you're right in that their only space to garden (often) is in their windows and they make the most of it! You did a beautiful job on your own house too - I love classic boxwoods.

Kathysue said...

Hi D, Love love the window box it turned out beautifully. I am right behind you.I sat in my yard yesterday and was trying to get the ambition up to start the Spring clean-up. You have given me incintive. I love window boxes and shutters, they evoke total charm to me. I have one window box out back that I love to fill with ferns and hydrangeas for a lush look. I like the idea of the boxwoods but I get too much shade for them to thrive. Yours looks beautiful and a perfect entrance for all who enter, xo Kathysue

Anonymous said...

I agree: window boxes are very tricky! They, and hanging baskets, always look perfect in the stores. You get them home and yes, within a few weeks, they look so bedraggled and lifeless. But, of course, I will try again!

Sarah said...

Delores, it is tricky to keep window boxes looking pretty, especially here in the TX heat. I've given up. It's all I can do to keep my urns, etc. looking nice and full. I use ivy geraniums in the large urns mixed in with lots of other things. Love the idea of the boxwood. I'm thinking of adding boxwood to some planters on the terrace for just that reason ~ easy care. Thanks for sharing the inspiration. ~ Sarah

Babs said...

Window boxes are tricky here in GA too. Our deck is like a blast furnace in summer. I use boxwood in large pots and a few heat tolerant annuals. Yours are so pretty. Exactly like I'd like to have.
I'll just look at yours and dream.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Lot's of great ideas here - I sure liked the black window box (wouldn't "go" with my house but oh well!) and I linked this to my window box project post too!

Unknown said...

I love what you selected. The boxwoods and bacopa are a classic combo and probably look fresh and lovey the rest of the season into fall. Shrubs For Sale

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